A R T I S T   S E R I E S

Artist Series

Held in the 100-year old barn, the Artist Series provides a unique and intimate venue surrounded by natural beauty. You’ve never experienced performances like this.


Already in its fifth season, the barn has set a stage for a wide range of talent and experiences. It has featured great story-tellers, award-winning poets, folk and cabaret singers, theater companies, film, and orchestra principals, just to name a few. Artists and audiences alike seem to be transformed by these performances in the church-like barn.


The Aspiring Artist Fund

One-half of the Artist Series ticket proceeds go to the artists and the other half is distributed through Everwood's Aspiring Artists Fund. The Fund allows arts-focused teachers in Barron, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk and St. Croix counties to let us know directly about exciting projects that need support so their students can flourish. We'll reveal the recipient(s) at each performance. Since 2010, Everwood has donated over $10,000 to local school programs.


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“There are moments we are able to step out of the rush of “doing” and just be, to experience the bliss and blessings of life and love and this miracle of the place we call home—Mother Earth. This has been one of those moments. Thank you for affording us this time. It has been refreshing and revitalizing. Many blessings to you and everyone that graces this farmstead. All the best –”



“Bill & Chris – From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your hospitality and open heart-love. For bringing in spoken word and allowing us to be your guests. The food, the herbs, the chickens, the corn, the bees, the prairie, the barn, the muffins, the pancakes, the fruit, the breeze, the porch, the trails—all reasons to forever remember this magical place. May you both be blessed. Love, your new friends,”



“Damn. There's nothing better than playing in a thunderstorm in Dunn County, Wisconsin at Everwood Farmstead. 



"Thank you so much, Everwood Farmstead Foundation, for your generosity to make our cave art project come to fruition! You support for the arts in our area is truly appreciated. I hope you can attend Glenwood City's All School Art Show next year to experience our 3rd grade interactive cave art display!!"

MARY JONES Glenwood City School District

"Everwood Farmstead Foundation, First, let me just say, thank you! The farmstead is a magical place and I had a great time at the Haley Bonar performance. I am so thankful for people like you and your mission at Everwood. Your generous gift allows me to purchase materials for the mosaic steppingstones. Every 8th grader at Viking Middle School will get the opportunity to create and leave their mark on the school with the project. I am very excited to teach this unit. I will share many pictures and keep you updated on how the project goes. Again, thank you for your support. Sincerely, MORGAN TRUNKEL Viking Middle School

All proceeds split between the artists
and Everwood's Aspiring Artist Fund


"What a pleasure to enjoy this beautiful setting at Everwood Farmstead! It was a beautiful drive into the Driftless area of NW WI. When we arrived I was surprised to see I had front row reserved seats and was elated to be the recipient of an Everwood Farmstead Foundation Aspiring Artist Fund grant for my school. Thank you Bill Underwood, Chris Everett and the Everwood Farmstead Foundation for your mission and for supporting the Arts at Turtle Lake School. The Cactus Blossoms were amazing. I can't wait to come back!”

WENDY RICHISON MAREK K-12 Art Teacher in the Turtle Lake School District


“Had a wonderful evening in the beautiful hills of Glenwood City at the Everwood Farmstead. I found out that the Everwood Farmstead Foundation is granting me mini keyboards for SV elementary music students! You have to check their website and try to make one of their upcoming events. What an incredible organization. Thanks so much to Bill & Chris for giving us a wonderful evening, watching a phenomenal performance by the Cactus Blossoms in a beautiful setting. We loved it and hope to get back soon!”

DEBBIE BOWMAN K-12 Choir Director in the Spring Valley School District

All proceeds split between the artists
and Everwood's Aspiring Artist Fund

“Wow. What. Fun. Even the birdies helped us out. Chris + Bill, what a lovely, lovely, magical place you have. God bless you for creating this sanctuary for the arts and us weird/hybrid artists. Love Love Love!!”



“Ditto. My sister is right on the nose with the perfection of the place and the loveliness of the night. So many thanks and much love.”



"My night was pure magic, beginning with learning that next year's Founding Folks Film Fest had been funded by the incredible people at the Everwood Farmstead Foundation, and ending with the Delibes flower duet in a luminous barn. If you've never been to the Farmstead, you must go - posthaste. Thank you, Everwood!”

CHARIS NORDLUND COLLINS Oaklawn Elementary, Menomonie

[ PLAY ]
Presented by Theatre Forever, directed by Jon Ferguson
AUGUST 29, 2015
Proceeds split between the artists and
Wisconsin School Music Association Program
“What a wonderful weekend! I’m quite sure that that was the best the group has ever played the show. The farm, the space and the time to relax really allowed the piece to open up and for the performers to play with true joy. The love and care and openness you give the art, artist and audience is truly invaluable. I think we’re all still wondering what just happened! You are a gift to the universe!” - JOHN FERGUSON

“It’s October and I find myself thinking about that amazing time at Everwood Farmstead often. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and warmth. You two have a really beautiful thing going on. I felt so welcomed, the show was a blast, the food was amazing, the fire was so fun, and to top it off, we got to take a tour and see the bees! That lip balm is amazing, BTW. I’ve said ‘amazing’ four times now, I’m not trying to be overly enthusiastic, I promise—it’s just an adjective that easily comes to mind when thinking of your place. THANK YOU!” CARLY WICKS

[ FILM ]
Written and directed by Patrick Coyle
AUGUST 15, 2015
Proceeds split between the artists and
Wisconsin School Music Association Program


“My films have been programmed around the country on screens big and not so big--including the Sundance Film Festival--but NO exhibition was more special than the one I received this weekend at the Everwood Farmstead Foundation. Bill Underwood and Christopher Everett are the most talented, gracious hosts an artist could hope to have in their corner, their farm an impeccable parcel of groovy, inspired living in rural Wisconsin. AND...my film screened before a diverse, intelligent audience in a BARN--one of the coolest performing-arts spaces I have ever seen (and now screening venue for film) Actress Sara Marsh joined us for the best discussion we have had after any of our dozens of screenings and talkbacks. I don't mean to gush but I am a renewed man after this weekend. The Everwood Farmstead Foundation is supporting artists and bringing people from all walks of life together in the middle of rural Wisconsin by exposing them to great, varied works of art. I feel lucky to have been invited and commend the Foundation on making the world a better place.” PATRICK COYLE

JULY 18, 2015
Proceeds split with Wisconsin School Music Association Program


“Thank you SO much for your overwhelming kindness and hospitality at Everwood Farmstead! It was such an honor for Kara and I to be part of this wonderful concept that you have created. I do not exaggerate at all when I say that it was one of my favorite shows that I have ever played. I would love to keep an open dialogue on how I can continue to support you in all that you do! I really believe in what you do and would love to support you in any way I can. I hope it is not long before our paths cross! Thank you for all that you do!” JOHN MARK NELSON

MAY 30, 2015
Proceeds split between the artists and
Wisconsin School Music Association Program


“This has felt more like a retreat than a typical performance. This place calms one’s soul. I can’t express how grateful I am to have crossed y’all’s path. Your new friend and fan.” CHASTITY BROWN

Presented by ARENA Dances
OCTOBER 11, 2014
Proceeds split between the artists and the
Clayton School District Dance Enrichment Program

“We set up a hi-tech dance performance in a barn earlier today. Great show, happy kids, generous audience, talented dancers and committed hosts. Awesomeness!” MATHEW JANCZEWSKI

OCTOBER 4, 2014
Proceeds split between the artists and
New Richmond High School Music Department


“Thank you so much for an unforgettable weekend of music, food, culture, and amazing company. I can't express my gratitude enough for the generosity you have shown us. Seriously Amazing juju. That's what's being brewed at Everwood in great abundance!” CHRIS KOZA

JUNE 28, 2014
Proceeds split between the artists and
Amery Middle School Anti-Bullying Program

"This was one of the favorite nights of my life! Thank you Bill and Chris! Dan Chouinard is indeed incredibly talented. He was so enjoyable, and beyond his talent, I also loved his stories. Simone Perrin's expressive singing was a blast! Our family will not forget this incredible night of signing, rain, and laughter at your gorgeous farmstead." AMY SCALZE


[ PLAY ]
Presented by Dark & Stormy Productions
JUNE 21, 2014
Proceeds split between the artists and 
Glenwood City All-School Musical Production

"It was beyond magical getting the Dark & Stormy Productions "Drunken City" crew together one last time at Everwood Farmstead Foundation last Saturday night. Huge thanks to Bill Underwood & Chris Everett for having us. If you haven't been to an event at Everwood yet, GO. It's magical AND you'll be supporting artists AND you'll help benefit local charities and nonprofits. These gentlemen are doing something totally unique and super fantastic." SARA MARSH

OCTOBER 12, 2013
Proceeds split between the artists and
Knapp Elementary School Reading Room
"What an absolute joy to perform and have time with you at Everwood. Amazing. Thank you so much. What a gift to your community and the lucky artists that get to visit and experience the 'barn vibe' Beautiful." KEVIN KLING
[ PLAY ]
Produced by Ten Thousand Things
OCTOBER 5, 2013
Proceeds split between the artists and
West Cap's Operation Back to School Program


“Thank you for all the work that went into creating the wonderful event in the barn! The actors felt so special and well taken care of — we all loved it! Thank you for all you do to enrich the life of the rural community around you!” MICHELLE HENSLEY


“Thank you so much for a truly enchanting evening at Everwood. What a gift to be able to perform in the magical space you two have created. I left feeling inspired by your generosity, creativity and ability to actualize such a beautiful dream. Thank you!" MO PERRY


Basil Reeve - Oboe
John Miller - Bassoon
Joseph Longo - Clarinet
SEPTEMBER 21, 2013
Proceeds split between the artists and
Baldwin-Woodville High School Forensics Team


APRIL 21, 2013
Proceeds split between the artists and
Prairie Farm High School Band & Choir Program

“Thank you very much for providing a magical concert space. We loved it. So sweet to hear the rain & look out at everyone snuggled up under their blankets. We love you & and the beautiful community you’re creating here. Can’t wait to see you again.” CARRIE ELKIN


SEPTEMBER 29, 2012
Proceeds split between the artists and
Spring Valley High School Theater Program

“Thanks for hosting our little family this weekend. The combined tranquility of this land, these buildings, and your kind energy is exactly what we needed. It’s comforting to know there are folks like you calmly and humbly dedicating themselves to the earth and the artful humans on it. – Thank you- We look forward to our next Everwood adventure.” SIMONE PERRIN


JUNE 30, 2012
Proceeds split between the artist and
Boyceville Middle-High School Art Dept.

“One of my favorites places for no one to know where the hell I am in the whole world…” DR. NATHAN BROWN


Peter Rothstein
Sally Wingert
Aaron Gabriel
Patricia Kirkpatrick
JUNE 8, 2012
Proceeds split between the artists and
Glenwood City High School FFA

"The four essential elements to make theater happen are: a SPACE, an ACTOR, an AUDIENCE and an IDEA. I can't imagine a more inspired SPACE for ACTORS and AUDIENCES to come together. And as far as an IDEA, well the whole IDEA behind Everwood is nothing short of miraculous.” PETER ROTHSTEIN


“From the hayloft openings you can see the storm coming. The quality of light changes. The wind ruffles your hair, gently. It smells like rain. Your mind seems open to the vista, to nature, to the possibility of a different approach to the work. The journey to Everwood is just "away" enough. I'm renewed by the change, the beauty, the land, the space to create or just muse. Founded and hosted by two of the kindest people I know, Chris Everett and Bill Underwood, Everwood Farmstead has become the place I keep trying to get back to literally and figuratively. There my art becomes...” SALLY WINGERT


“It was an utter privilege and pleasure to be at Everwood: to walk through the grounds, overlook the prairie, sit in your kitchen, read to the community, sleep in the tress (almost!), eat in the candlelit barn. Thank you for the warm and gracious welcome. I’m so impressed with how the place you have created honors the past and looks toward the future.“ PATRICIA KIRKPATRICK