A R T I S T   W O R K S H O P S

Artist Workshops

Interested in engaging with and learning from other artists in a more intimate setting?

In 2015, we launched our Artist Workshops designed to inform and inspire both aspiring and professional artists with focused, hands-on practice in the beautiful 100 year-old barn. These small groups become supportive communities that share conversation and progress long after the workshop is done. Prices and seating availability will be based on the individual workshops. Invites will be clear about the skill level needed for each event.

Want to be added to the invite list?

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[ ART ]
Holiday Nature DIY Creations
“Thank you so much for an incredible experience at Everwood Farmstead! I had a great time, and am very thankful for this opportunity. Thank you to you both for the incredible hospitality - great food, great conversation, and a very cozy bed! To be a part of the Everwood Farmstead magic this weekend warmed my heart to the core.LYNN TANAKA
"Thank you so much for a fabulous day of fun, good food and the making of new friends on your beautiful property! We did appreciate the chance to experience it! Thanks again!" NANCY ENDSLEY
Building Storytellers: 
A Workshop for Young Writers

“Thank you so much for hosting me (and the young writers)! It was a perfect day filled with inspiration, fun and increadible talent. Everwood is truly a special place, one I will never forget.” AMANDA ZIEBA

The Art of Songwriting

“What an incredibly beautiful day! I so very much enjoyed leading this thoughtful, engaged group through a discussion on the craft and process of songwriting. All the best wishes, and long live Everwood Farmstead!” JOHN MARK NELSON

“Thanks John Mark Nelson! It was a wonderful experience with you and the folks at Everwood. Beautiful place with Beautiful people. I was mentally writing lyrics for my next project as I was pulling away. So fired up!” MARK FRAMPTON

with Oklahoma Poet Lareate 2013/14
Dr. Nathan Brown
SEPTEMBER 12, 2015
“Spent a magical day at Everwood Farmstead Foundation with a gifted poet/song-writer/story-teller/teacher/artist Nathan Brown . He shared his palette of words and led us back to ourselves. Reminding us to take the time to create our art one word at a time.” JAY GILBERTSON

“The place that is Everwood is a gift. You guys are generous and forward thinking and I love it!" WADE BARRY


“What a lovely, inspiring and profoundly joyous way to spend a September day. I’m so glad I came to the writing workshop. Thank you so much!” KRIS DECKER

[ ART ]
With Coco Connolly
AUGUST 1, 2015


“Many thanks to Bill and Chris for being outstanding hosts! And special thanks to Coco Connolly for sharing her artistic talents with us! Look ma, I can paint!!!" JUDE SAVAGE


“A heartfelt thank you to Chris and Bill at Everwood Farmstead Foundation for giving me the opportunity to teach a class for beginning watercolor artists! Everyone was inspiring! Truly. Fascinating that 10 out the 14 students were absolute beginners. People from the world of finance, lawyers, IT software... goes to show we all have art in us." COCO CONNOLLY